Saturday, August 25, 2007


Allright, so I just looked at the last time I posted, and it was about 3 months ago. I guess I would be zero % addicted to blogging or close to it if I took the addicted to blogging test.

I couldn't sleep the other night and I started to look at some old pictures. Yesterday my two sisters posted tributes to my sister Laura for her birthday and added some pictures. I thougt I would post some pictures on here that I really like that have Laura in them. I think my favorite part about blogging is the ability to share pictures so easily. I love the throwback Thursday concept even though I have yet to participate.

Happy Birthday Laura. You are a great mom and a wonderful sister. You have taught me many things in life. We are looking forward to seeing you this week.

Madison is so excited about seeing her couzins. I don't think I could convey how truly thrilled she is to see them. She also asked if JJ was coming too. She told me that her couzins were her best friends.

Interesting article about siblings and their role in your life,9171,1209949,00.html


LikeAstaR said...

Oh my goodness. I was looking for myself, and then realized that I was the REALLY blonde blob. Cured me of wanted to get pregnant again real quick!! LOL. Thanks for the post. I love the picture-sharing aspect of blogging to. Even when it is less than flattering. I also loved the articles about siblings. I wish that we were all closer in vicinity. I am sad we will miss Madison's party. Almost worth taking a special trip since JJ was asked for by name.

pinkmorning said...

I love those pictures. I had one picture from that lunch and i framed it and gave it to Grandpa for his birthday last year. Would you send those pictures to me via email? I love you and i will get you copies of all the pictures i have. i love you.

Gustogirl said...

What a great picture!!! I love it. Even though I had just had a baby and looked less than great, It is just fabulous to see us all together! We need to do that again sometime! We are looking forward to this weekend too!!

selfstarter said...

Good job posting! I think everyone would like to hear more from you!

selfstarter said...

That last post was actually from me, the organizer.

Natalie said...

Que Milagro! You posted! :) Good thing I randomly checked!

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