Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mitchell's birthday

This last week was full of fun. Mitchell turned one on Wednesday. Angie took him and Madison and several of Madison friends to go strawberry picking. They went on pony rides, went on blowie jump ups, and ate way more strawberries then ended up in the baskets. Mitchell had strawberry juice everywhere on everyone's clothing. I came home from work early and we opened up some presents, had pizza, and sang to Mitchell. Mitchell was exhausted and I am sure had a very upset stomach given all the strawberries, pizza, and chocolate cake. (ok, so we could have had a more balanced diet that day)

On Saturday, we had a small gathering of people at the park for Mitchell. It was a sports theme. Angie had decided to make cupcakes. Worried that they might just taste ok, she decided to kick it up a notch and purchased the cupcake doctor cookbook with dozens of cupcake recipes. She made pineapple banana smoothie cupcakes, and white chocolate white on white cupcakes. We decorated them all to look like baseballs and basketballs. They were tasty and disappeared fast. We had a good time and it was fun to celebrate Mitchell. He is an adorable little guy. I am going to upload several pictures. I thought about including some video, but that just might have to wait.

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Gustogirl said...

Oh my goodness. His birthday crept up on me!!! I am so sorry that I let it pass and didn't do anything!!! I was thinking about it earlier in the month, but I don't know where May has gone. It sounds like he had a ton of fun!! Forgive me for missing his birthday.